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"Spray unit prefabricated pipe has arrived

The prefabricated pipe of Huayang spray device has arrived at the project site.

Use:spray system

In today's industrial production, an efficient cooling system plays a vital role in ensuring production safety and improving efficiency. Especially in the petrochemical industry: because high temperature and flammable substances will be produced in the production process, the application of spray device is particularly important.

Recently, six sets of prefabricated pipes of Huayang spray device have been successfully installed on the cooling equipment of Lubei Chemical.

Huayang's steel pipe deep processing service

In addition to providing various standard steel pipes, Huayang also provides steel pipe deep processing services. This includes steel pipe cutting, welding, anti-corrosion treatment, etc., which can be customized according to the specific needs of customers to ensure that each part can accurately meet the installation requirements of the spray system. This one-stop service greatly simplifies the customer's procurement and installation process, and improves the overall progress and quality of the project. This time, Huayang provided the factory with six sets of pipes for spraying devices, including four different models, namely 426*11.8mm, 325*11.8mm, 273*11.8mm and 50*5.8mm. After deep processing, these steel pipes perfectly fit the spray device of the chemical plant.

Importance and application of spray device

The spray device is mainly installed on high-temperature equipment such as oil tanks, and the surface temperature of the equipment is reduced by spraying cooling water, thus effectively preventing fires or other safety accidents caused by high temperature. During the high temperature in summer, the spray device can continuously cool the oil tank with water, thus reducing the gas temperature inside the oil tank, reducing the diurnal variation range of the oil surface temperature and reducing the loss of the oil tank.

Specification and selection of steel pipe

The steel pipes provided by Huayang are not only of various sizes, but also of high quality. The selection of thickness and diameter of these steel pipes fully considers the pressure requirements and flow requirements of the spray system to ensure that the spray system can operate efficiently and stably. For example, 426*11.8mm steel pipe with larger diameter is suitable for trunk lines to ensure sufficient water flow; The 50*5.8mm steel pipe with smaller diameter is more suitable for branch lines, which can flexibly meet the cooling requirements of different parts.

Huayang sent 6 sets of prefabricated pipes for spraying devices to the factory this time. It is believed that the cooling efficiency of the factory will be significantly improved through these newly installed spray devices. In addition, Huayang's technical team also provides full technical support and after-sales service to ensure that each set of equipment can run stably and maximize its efficiency.