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"HUAYANG STEEL PIPE exhibition record

Under the background of economic globalization, international cooperation among enterprises has become a key force to promote the development of the industry, especially in the field of heavy industry. International exhibitions provide an excellent platform for demonstrating technological innovation and expanding business relations. Recently, Huayang Steel Pipe participated in the Dusseldorf Pipe Exhibition in Germany and the Moscow Oil and Gas Exhibition in Russia.
The two exhibitions received more than 441 customers and more than 70 intended customers.

This not only shows the company's industry leadership, but also marks the company's further expansion in the international market.

01.The Tube Trade Fair In Dusseldorf

The Tube Trade Fair In Dusseldorf site picture

Dusseldorf Pipe Exhibition in Germany is one of the largest exhibitions in the global pipe industry, bringing together professionals from all over the world. At this exhibition, Huayang Steel Pipe showed the samples of the company's main steel pipes, which attracted the attention of many exhibitors. The company not only collected 341 valid business cards, but also reached a preliminary cooperation intention with 49 customers, which is of great significance to the company's international market expansion. In addition, Huayang Steel Pipe also received 45 old customers, which not only consolidated the relationship between the company and existing customers, but also enhanced the international influence of the brand through word-of-mouth promotion. Through active participation in the exhibition and face-to-face communication with potential customers, Huayang Steel Pipe has successfully expanded the market into new areas, with an inquiry of up to 25,000 tons.

02.Russia Moscow Oil and Gas Exhibition

At the oil and gas exhibition in Moscow, Russia, the performance of Huayang steel pipe was equally eye-catching.

(1)Cooperation with steel pipe manufacturers:Manufacturers can't complete the production of steel pipes with specific specifications. The cooperation between Huayang and Huayang can not only help local manufacturers break through the production bottleneck, but also enhance the market competitiveness of their products.

(2)Cooperation with oil exploration companies:Huayang's straight-seam steel pipes are widely used for transporting fluids such as oil and natural gas. Under the explanation of the salesman, the customer highly recognized Huayang's products and services and reached a friendly intention cooperation with Huayang.

Huayang steel pipe also gained many interested customers in the Russian exhibition, including the field of oil casing and steel structure.

03.Exhibition Summary

The exhibition is a platform for direct communication with international buyers, which enables Huayang Steel Pipe to understand the latest market trends and the specific needs of customers. This information will provide data support and direction guidance for the company's future market strategy adjustment. Through continuous participation in international exhibitions, Huayang Steel Pipe is gradually establishing a solid international customer network, which has injected fresh vitality and motivation into the company's long-term development.