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corporate culture

Enterprise tenet: Win with quality and develop with integrity.
Enterprise philosophy: customer oriented: customer oriented, so the work is carried out around the needs of customers.
Values: Precious steel tubes serve customers and contribute to society with superior values.
Enterprise spirit: to convince peers and attract domestic attention. Enterprise system: those who are capable are superior, those who are average are inferior, and those who are mediocre are inferior.
Brand positioning: there are three levels and stages:
In the first stage, it is a well-known brand in the domestic steel pipe market and a strong brand in North China;
The second stage is to become a domestic brand and a monopoly brand in North China;
The third stage is to become a famous brand in the domestic market and a famous brand in the foreign market.
Enterprise management policy:
Develop products with high-quality technology and guide production with high-quality management Exploit the market with high-quality products and create value with innovative quality Armed employees with profound culture and won customers with good reputation