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"Our company won the national workers pioneer award

At 9: 30 yesterday morning, in the craftsman lecture hall on the fourth floor of the Workers' Cultural Palace in Cangzhou City, the "May 1" commendation meeting in Cangzhou City was officially held, and the new 325 production line of our straight sewing workshop won the honor of National Worker Pioneer.

01.Advanced deeds

Hebei Huayang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. has 30 employees in the new 325 production line of straight seam workshop. It is a pioneer team that can bear hardships, fight and contribute especially in Huayang steel pipe production line. The workshop always regards safety production as the core of all the work, adhering to the working concept of "unity, innovation, dedication and dedication". In recent years, zero industrial injury and zero quality problems have been achieved in production.

0 work-related injury
Adhere to production safety education
1. It is our core task to continuously strengthen safety education and enhance employees' sense of safety responsibility. In the new 325 production line, we have established a sound safety management system.
2. In 2023, it also innovatively launched the "Frontline Workers Speak Safety". Select experienced and skilled old workers, hand in hand to teach new workers on-site safety knowledge and operating skills, do a good job of transmission, help, and bring.
3. Insist on watching safety production education films every week, and make comments based on actual work.
The adoption of these measures has contributed to the new 325 production line achieving no safety production accidents throughout the year.

0 quality problem

Speed and efficiency; Pay close attention to details.

The new 325 production line workers are unafraid of challenges and fatigue, and they approach their work with full enthusiasm while ensuring production safety. They prioritize practical results and pay meticulous attention to details.
2023 will see an output of 280,127.03 tons from Line 325, with a pass rate of 94.57% and a yield rate of 96.85%. There were no quality incidents throughout the year on the production line. The product output in the company's 40 sections ranked first, showcasing exemplary leadership as the vanguard of workers in both economic and technical indicators.

02.Commend the scene

New 325 production line won the national worker pioneer award. Li Xun took the stage as a representative of the team to accept the award and make a speech.

Representative Li Xun said: "Thank you for your recognition of our production quality and awarding us the honor of National Worker Pioneer. Our huayang company has always adhered to the production concept of "safety first, quality first" for many years. As front-line industrial workers, we regard safety as our life, and we are always tight on the string of "come to work happily, go home safely". At the same time, we will give play to the exemplary leading role of our Worker Pioneer, strictly control the quality of production, and let the "Huayang" brand stand up and sing loudly. "

03.Hua Yang elegant demeanour

The new 325 production line in straight seam workshop is a shining epitome and excellent representative of many steel pipe production lines in Huayang. In Huayang, there are thousands of production workers like them who are struggling in obscurity. The honor of the National Worker Pioneer is not only a recognition of the new 325 production line, but also a recognition of the company's thousands of employees. In the future, we will keep up with the pace of enterprise development and work step by step. It plays an active role in improving service quality and efficiency, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and stimulating innovation momentum, contributing to the high-quality development of the city's economy.