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"华洋阿布扎比展览会圆满落幕|HY NEWS ADIPEC 2023-10

在Tube China2023管材展圆满结束之后,华洋钢管又受邀参加阿布扎比石油天然气展览会。现在为期4天的2023年阿布扎比石油天然气展会已经圆满落幕,华洋钢管的工作人员收获了客户们满满的热情与称赞,每一位前来询问的客户都得到了满意的答复。

After the successful completion of Tube China2023 pipe exhibition, Huayang Steel Pipe was invited to participate ADIPEC 2023. Now the 4-day ADIPEC 2023 has come to a successful end, the staff of Huayang Steel pipe has received full of enthusiasm and praise from customers, and every customer who came to inquire has received a satisfactory answer.

虽然ADIPEC 2023只有4天的时间,但是来自世界各国的2200多个参展公司都积极的参与到其中。华洋钢管的展位每一天都有客户来咨询钢管方面的问题,我们的工作人员针对每一位客户的不同需求为他们各自提供的解决方案。前来咨询的客户都得到了各自满意的答复。华洋钢管不仅仅在产品上做到高质量严要求,更将自身以客户为主,所有工作都围绕客户的需要来开展的企业理念深刻贯彻到每一次服务中。
Although ADIPEC 2023 is only four days long, more than 2,200 exhibiting companies from all over the world are actively participating in it. The booth of Huayang Steel pipe has customers to consult steel pipe problems every day, and our staff provides solutions for each customer's different needs. The customers who came to consult got their own satisfactory answers. Huayang Steel Pipe not only meets high quality and strict requirements in its products, but also deeply implements the corporate philosophy of focusing on customers' needs in every service.
At this exhibition, Huayang Steel Pipe demonstrated its profound corporate strength, not only possessing high-end and advanced production equipment in production, but also continuously updating and improving production technology. Huayang Steel Pipe has gained high recognition from every visitor with its own hard power, further consolidating its brand image in overseas markets.

ADIPEC 2023已经圆满结束,但是华洋钢管前行的步伐不会停止,我们期待与您下一次相见。
ADIPEC 2023 has come to a successful end, but the pace of Huayang Steel Pipe's progress will not stop. We look forward to meeting you again.